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nah, you really shouldn’t worry about it. sure, there are times for everyone when it’s probably best for us to be alone but… i dunno. i just really like to be there for my friends, even if my consolations are awkward….

Your consolations are giving me the happy feels and smiles, actually fdsafa like I can…idk FEEL it like yiss I’m not…squirming around alone ELITCHI MAKES ME HAPPY. *facehugs!* :’D

ilu? it’s ok to vent your feelings, people just are dicks sometimes and don’t know how to respond. :c

ilu so hard bb ;_;!! b-but naw naw, it’s more like…I guess I like spew and blow up like an ugly little volcano and get all inconsolable fdhsfjkds and I feel like it just puts people in rly awkward positions and doesn’t solve anything weh- *drags face across keyboard*