Watch out folks…


Look out all, there is an RPer wandering about here with the screenname nynyboom who is exceedingly rude, pointlessly argumentative, and judgmental as fuck. He/she/it will not respect time constraints and will get uppity if you wander off to do something (even if you make a note of it), you will then be pelted by insults. 

I just dealt with this weirdo myself. IT WAS HORRIFYINGLY HILARIOUS. She thinks she’s the shit! The kicker is that she doesn’t even know how to arrange a story, doesn’t understand what a plot is, and acts like she’s entitled to whatever with her poorly thought-out mary sues and inflexibility as well as THAT NASTY ‘TUDE. Beware, fellow role players! Balls if I’m taking anyone on their face value again- I wish I’d googled her ass and found this post before all of this unexpected entertainment!

Again, beware this aim sn: nynyboom